Foosball Radio was created and first aired in October of 2018. Years later, we're still at it. Providing foosball fans with some of the greatest  foosball podcasting on the planet. 

When the Covid pandemic emerged in early 2020, the Foosball Radio team decided it would be great fun to do a live podcast every week.
Hence, FoosTalk Live came into existence April 2020, featuring the greatest foosball play-by-play announcer of all time-Jim Stevens.
Together with Foosball Radio host Tom Robinson, they developed a format, which includes fun features like the IPA of the Week, the FoosTalk Live Flashback and an ever growing list of popular foosball players, promoters and legends as guests.
Foosball statistician Clay Tumey jumped on to help with cohosting and technical matters within the first few episodes.
Then, Mark Torres added much needed spice and joined the lineup in June of 2020.
Adam Gilson has brought his considerable talents, in and out of foosball, to round out the FoosTalk Live on air lineup. 
We are now excited to be joined by one of the top foosball players in the world, Hannah Dee Smith. She brings her considerable experience every week to the Foosball Radio microphone.
Foosball Radio is now the umbrella label for other exciting foosball based podcasts such as; FoosWeek, My Greatest and Foosball Radio-On the Road!
Continually evolving, Foosball Radio has also has been the launch pad for popular foosball based podcasts such as; Shootin' the Shot with Clay Tumey and the Foosball Free All, now found on their own podcasting site. Click here to listen: https://www.buzzsprout.com/2064480
Foosball Radio will no doubt continue to evolve, bringing you the latest foosball based information and entertainment.
Thanks for visiting our site and for listening to the world's greatest foosball podcasts!
The Foosball Radio Team

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